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Date: 2011-06-22 03:47 am (UTC)
I remember this one as the one that has the actress who played Ardra on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Definitely not a good one, but I do love some of the MacGyvers. Keep in mind it was 1986-1992, now! Of course it seems dated and hokey now, but at the time, it was very oool!

Mind you, I didn't watch it myself, because I was watching ST:TNG during those years and I didn't watch a lot of tv (and don't now--I'd rather read), so I had heard of MacGyver, and I vaguely knew who the actor was, despite never having watched him in anything, but I didn't get to "know" him until s. 8 of Stargate, when a friend dragged me into SG1 (bless her) because Star Trek had gone off the air for the first time in literally decades and I felt adrift. She gave me a crash intro into the Goa'uld, the stargate, etc. and then I watched it nightly at 5:00 for about 5 weeks before I started falling in love with Jack, and also RDA and found MacGyver also being rerun, so I watched that, too. Eventually I bought all the dvds for both shows and can watch any of my favorites at will--I love dvds.

Ah, and wait till you see some of the ones with Mac and his buddy, Jack (little did RDA know that about 10 years into his future, HE would be playing Jack, just a different one).

Oh, and bonus points if you recognize a youngish Christopher Judge (Teal'c) when he plays briefly in a MacGyver episode (one of the more preachy ones).

And did you know that Michael Shanks decided he wanted to become an actor after happening on RDA and co. filming a MacGyver on the beach where MS happened to be, one day? (during Mac's 4 Vancouver years)

Have fun with the rest of them!
Melissa M.
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